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Finding the appropriate personnel

Among our clients are private individuals as well as public figures, who place the utmost value on qualified and trustworthy personnel. Of course, we respect your privacy and your right to discretion.

Our clientele demands one hundred percent trustworthiness, reliability and honesty. For that reason, the speed in which we staff a vacant position comes second only to ensuring that an applicant's profile fits the position in question perfectly.

You can rely on us to work to fill your vacancy efficiently and we guarantee to provide you with the best possible consultation and advice. Beyond the high standards we maintain for ourselves in finding you a harmonious fit for your household, we aim always to work in a flexible and cost-efficient way for you.

We are happy to answer your questions – without any obligations – regarding any matter concerning domestic staff. Please just ask.

System Straub's tasks include support at every step on the way to finding the right personnel.

  • Creation of a concrete requirement profile for the position to be filled
  • With the help of our database or by placing advertisements in print and internet media, we advertise the job offer.
  • We conduct intensive preliminary talks and examine the applicants very carefully for their qualifications and references, just like for trustworthiness, social skills and appearance.
  • By pre-selecting candidates, we save you from time-consuming job interviews – our recommendations always fit your criteria.
  • We never suggest staff without having met the applicant in person.
  • If you wish, we can accompany the domestic workers in the initial phase and introduce them to the special features of your household.
  • If necessary, we offer your staff further training or support measures.
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