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Welcome to System Straub

Here at System Straub we provide a first class, trustworthy recruitment service for household and domestic staff throughout the whole of Germany.

Our priority is presenting you with the best possible solution tailored to your needs and we pride ourselves on our reliable, bespoke and quality service.

We look forward to working with you, sincerely yours

Marketa Straub

System Straub

The agency for search, placement and administration of domestic staff

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Gehobener Service


Our clients are private individuals, companies as well as public figures worldwide

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Das passende Personal finden

Offene Stellen

You will find available job offerings including a short job description on our vacancy overview page

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Hauspersonal Vermittlung aus Hamburg


You can contact us nationwide, our headquarters are located in Hamburg

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We are working nationwide

With our offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen, Kiel, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe

we are happy to help you find a suitable housekeeper nationwide.

Looking for a housekeeper?

We provide you with a "pearl" for your household.

If you are looking for a housekeeper, there are special requirements. Ultimately, the idea of leaving one's own household in the hands of others is strongly influenced by individual wishes and needs. For this reason, our work as a placement agency for domestic staff is characterized by personal responsibility and commitment - as well as the goal of creating high-quality, long-term relationships for both sides. Our exclusive, personal mediation approach is the basis of our customer satisfaction. 

Warmly, motivated and with a maximum of discretion, we will work with you to find the optimal addition to your household. If you are looking for a housekeeper, the process for our recruitment agency is as follows:

  • Initial conversation: In an initial telephone call, you have the opportunity to express your interest and also ask any questions that concern you about hiring a housekeeper. Following our conversation, the placement order will be sent to you.
  • Personal visit: After a binding order has been placed, an employee and I will visit you at home to get a feel for you and your family. We take enough time to understand your wishes so that we can then make an appropriate recommendation.
  • Individual selection: Every household is unique. If we are looking for a housekeeper, we first check the options in our file. If no specialist in our database meets your expectations, the position will be advertised specifically for you.
  • Recommendation: Once the ideal housekeeper has been found, we will inform you by telephone and make our recommendation. A personal meeting will provide information about whether it is really a good fit. If there is a perfect match and a good gut feeling on both sides, we consider our search to be successful and will then take care of everything administrative, for example payroll accounting.

Looking for a nanny or housekeeper?

We're happy to help

Regardless of whether you are looking for a Housekeepers or a Nanny - we will find the perfect Domestic staff- for you. If you want to know your household is in good hands, the housekeeper will take care of your home with great attention to detail. In addition to cleaning the rooms, the housekeeper takes care of the laundry and, if necessary, preparing meals. She respects your wishes and privacy at all times.


Do you have children but are working or would you like trusting and empathetic support? Whether you are looking for a housekeeper or you need support with childcare, we are your first point of contact in all cases. A nanny will lovingly look after your little ones. A nanny or nanny is also a great help in everyday life, and not just with childcare. If you wish, she will also be happy to support you with light housework and offer you valuable relief. Don't be afraid to hire a nanny or nanny; After all, it's about the most valuable thing you have.

Your ideal housekeeper

searched and found by Straub System

A housekeeper is a professional who takes care of the budget of a private household or company. She takes on tasks such as cleaning, laundry, shopping, cooking and planning the household budget. If you are looking for a good housekeeper, organization, responsibility and flexibility are particularly important qualities. We will help you find these and other desired qualities in your new housekeeper.  

System Straub is a renowned placement agency for housekeepers in Germany. We provide the best housekeepers to private individuals and companies throughout Germany. Our housekeepers have many years of experience and are experts in all areas of the household.

Not only in the 12 largest cities in Germany such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Bremen, Leipzig and Dresden, we provide experienced housekeepers who run your household professionally and reliably. Whether in Berlin, Hamburg or Munich, our housekeepers are available in every city in Germany and guarantee that the household runs smoothly.

Are you looking for a housekeeper who will make your household work easier? Then System Straub is the right place for you. We provide you with the best housekeepers in the 12 largest cities in Germany who will run your household professionally and reliably. Contact us today and let us find you a suitable housekeeper.

Frequently asked questions

If you are looking for a housekeeper, System Straub offers you tailor-made placement services. In the initial interview, we try to understand your specific needs and check our list of suitable candidates. If necessary, we will also advertise the position specifically for you to find your ideal housekeeper.

A housekeeper we provide can take on a variety of tasks, depending on your individual wishes. This includes cleaning, laundry, shopping, cooking and planning the household budget. The specific tasks are tailored to your personal needs.

If you are looking for a housekeeper, the process at System Straub begins with an initial telephone consultation, followed by an in-person visit to your home. Once we have clarified your needs, we first check our file for the suitable candidate. If necessary, the position will be re-advertised for you. Once a candidate has been found, she will be introduced to you personally so that we can make sure that both sides have a good gut feeling.

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