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Who doesn't need them, the household help who cleans, washes and irons reliably, carefully and with great attention to detail. A home help is the support that allows you to set your priorities without sacrificing your home comforts.

System Straub will be happy to put you in touch with a friendly, experienced household help who will lovingly take care of the cleanliness of your home.

How may we help you?

For more than 25 years, System Straub has been the agency for advice, placement and management of domestic staff.

As the leading recruitment agency for domestic staff in Germany, we will be happy to find the right staff for you. Finding excellent staff is difficult. Because we know this and are committed to providing you with maximum satisfaction, we can provide you with staff with excellent references, expert knowledge and many years of experience upon request. Since then, many hundreds of customers have placed their trust in System Straub. Numerous media reported positively on the Straub system, including Stern and FOCUS. Please feel free to contact us.

Domestic help - the tasks

A domestic help wipes the parquet, the tiles, vacuums the carpet. She makes the beds, cleans the radiators, cleans the windows, the stove and all other things in the household. A domestic help sorts, washes and hangs up the laundry. She irons shirts, blouses and other items of clothing. A domestic help cleans the bathroom, the tub and shower, cleans the toilet. She also sweeps the yard, ensures cleanliness in the hallway and basement. Watering and caring for plants and flowers in rooms or on the balcony can also be part of the duties of a domestic help. There may also be animal supervision, cleaning of pet cages or toilets. The tasks also include simple errands such as cleaning or going to the post office.
Dusting and tidying up children's rooms is also one of the tasks of a domestic help. If desired, activities such as shopping according to given lists, preparing meals and preparing lunch can also be done by household help. Interesting: In the case of temporary illnesses, even the statutory health insurance companies are willing to pay for household help to maintain the household of the sick person. Especially if this is the only way to ensure a regular family life with children.

What are the benefits of domestic help?

A domestic help is responsible for coordinating and carrying out household chores. She tidies up, does laundry and irons or cleans. Domestic help is not an apprenticeship. In the case of domestic help, the client must give specific instructions and can expect relief in this respect. A household help is an ideal relief for all higher earners who want and can continue to do part of their household, such as shopping and preparing meals, themselves.

What should a domestic help be able to do?

The decisive skills are the speedy, clean and correct execution of the imposed household work. The decisive factor here is to precisely record the needs of the client and his specific needs for the execution of the household auxiliary work and to carry them out according to the order. In addition to skills such as ironing, this also includes jobs such as cleaning the bathroom and toilet, cleaning windows or, if desired, doing the garbage.

An important prerequisite is a correct, serious appearance and discretion. Satisfied customers often develop long-term, stable employment relationships for domestic help.

System Straub is pleased to be able to make you an offer to employ a domestic help for your household. Feel free to contact us.

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