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System Straub - your professional nanny agency

A nanny is one of the most sought-after service providers when it comes to domestic staff. A nanny, often called a nanny, can be of great help. The nanny actively supports you in bringing up your children, has your back and supports you in combining work and family. You will quickly notice how much relief a nanny means for you and your everyday life. System Straub takes care of the nanny and nanny placement for you, throughout Germany. Through our nanny and nanny agency, you will receive support from a loving and trained nanny.

Hire our nanny agency and we will help you to find a suitable nanny.

Suitable, of course, also means that the chemistry between your children or you and the nanny or nanny is right. Of course, you share some of the responsibility with your nanny or nanny, but the nanny or nanny hired through our agency will primarily follow your instructions when it comes to bringing up the children. You will not only find a nanny or a nanny through our agency: System Straub - the market leader in the field of domestic staff - will also be happy to help you with the search for other domestic staff, from the housekeeper to the chauffeur or gardener to the private secretary.

Are you a qualified educator or an experienced nanny? Feel free to send us your application documents by post, we are always happy to receive qualified applicants!

More information about our domestic staff agency:

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