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System Straub was set up to provide consulting, recruitment and administrative services relating to all domestic staffing needs. Marketa Straub founded the company, whilst studying business studies, in 1998. The company's head office is located in Hamburg. From 2000 onwards, System Straub expanded to cover the whole of Germany and now has offices in Berlin, Bremen, Kiel, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe.

Since then, hundreds of customers have put their trust in System Straub and numerous positive reports on System Straub have appeared in the media, among them STERN and FOCUS MONEY (see "Press“).

Our philosophy and approach

Reliable Service

Sincere in our commitment to our work and straightforward in our communication with you.

Finding outstanding staff is not an easy task. Because we are dedicated to satisfying your expectations to the fullest, we will only recruit staff with excellent references, expert knowledge and long-term experience.

Since 1998, System Straub has worked tirelessly to fulfill its customers' wishes. With Offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Bremen, Kiel and Hannover, the agency has successfully established itself as one of the leading recruiters for domestic staff.

Bespoke Service

Paying attention to detail - yet keeping the big picture in mind.

In order to find the perfect person for your household - and yes, she really exists - we focus on your very personal wishes and expectations.

Quality Service

"Quality is the opposite of coincidence."
Our clients value the quality of our work and appreciate the improvement in the running of their household that quality recruitment brings. Staff quality is determined not only by technical knowledge but also by people skills and how well someone is able fit seamlessly into your household.
System Straub's goal is long-term employment based upon absolute trust. We are happy to keep close contact with you and your staff beyond the recruitment process.

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