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Domestic Serving Staff and Butlers

The butler is an extensively trained all-round manager of all your personal and household matters. He is usually the head of the household staff. It is ready for use at any time and, as your personal companion, enables the comfort you are used to with the highest level of perfection worldwide.

He monitors your wardrobe, your appointments, organizes your private life and serves your guests according to etiquette and protocol. System Straub will be happy to put you in touch with your butler, who will support you in a reserved manner and with extreme perfectionism.

How may we help you?

For around 25 years, System Straub has been the agency for advice, placement and management of domestic staff.

As the leading recruitment agency for domestic staff in Germany, we will be happy to provide you with the right staff for you. Finding great staff is difficult. Because we know this and we are committed to providing you with the highest level of satisfaction, we only provide you with personnel with excellent references, expert knowledge and many years of experience. Since then, many hundreds of customers have placed their trust in System Straub. Numerous media reported positively about System Straub, including Stern and FOCUS. Feel free to contact us.

Butler and servant doing the household chores

Butlers and servants take care of all personal services that make the private life of the client easier. Do you serve coffee and newspaper ? if desired already in bed in the morning, present a suit and the matching tie, a color-coordinated shirt and shoes. The duties of a servant also include putting the shoes on shoe trees after wearing them, cleaning them, examining them for defects and bringing them in for repairs and picking them up independently.

Furthermore, the butler is responsible for the correct serving of the meals: he has prepared the right plates, cups, glasses and the matching cutlery, bought the rolls and is waiting for his client to refill his order with fresh coffee or tea or, with main meals, a suitable wine to go with the meal to be allowed.

With his infallible sense of style, the butler relieves his client of all etiquette problems: the servant welcomes and registers guests, suggests wines or spirits with the meal and pours the drinks into the appropriate glasses. Beforehand, he has placed the appropriate cutlery in the correct order next to the plates.

A butler runs errands, does the shopping, does private errands for his client. He prepares bathtubs and can also take on care tasks such as manicures or sometimes hairstyles. Depending on the agreed task definition, a servant can also be used for washing, cleaning or cooking. Chauffeur services can also be taken over by the butler.

In addition, there are representative tasks of a servant: He greets guests, holds the carriage door open for them, brings them the drink they want at a party or announces them to his client after he has opened the door and taken their coats. Butlers and servants can also be used to teach the children of the house table manners, etiquette and courtesy.

What are the advantages of having a servant in the house?

A servant provides a classic service personally for his client. He takes everything from him. A butler is on hand in the private household to fulfill all the client's wishes promptly, cautiously but effectively. This includes, for example, serving coffee in bed in the morning, presenting a matching shirt, tie, suit and shoes, and setting the breakfast table. The servant should also have the daily newspaper ready and always be there to pour fresh coffee for the customer and to serve other family members or guests.

Due to his stylish appearance and quick comprehension, a servant is always able to discreetly support his client in hosting or representation duties. He also does the laundry, drying and ironing of clothes, takes care of cleaning, but cleaning and cooking can also be part of his duties.

What qualifications should a servant have?

Training in gastronomy, such as a hotel or restaurant specialist, is an advantage in order to be able to set the table in a stylish manner and to be able to demonstrate perfect manners. Servants or butlers should be quick learners, show empathy and be willing to accept irregular working hours such as weekend work, night work or getting up early.

Butlers should have a command of etiquette and be able to serve the right wine with the right food through expert knowledge. There is no legally defined training? neither for servants nor for butlers.

System Straub is pleased to make you an offer for the employment of a butler or servant. Feel free to contact us.

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