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Private chauffeur or driver

Highly qualified driving staff from System Straub

Traveling safely, efficiently and in style is important to many people. A private chauffeur or driver promises smooth transport at all times, allowing you to save a lot of time and getting you to your destination in maximum comfort.

As a client, you can relax or work during travel times. System Straub will find you a chauffeur or driver who suits your individual requirements. Feel free to give us a call.


How may we help you?

For more than 25 years, System Straub has been the agency for advice, placement and management of domestic staff.

As the leading recruitment agency for domestic staff in Germany, we will be happy to find the right staff for you. Finding excellent staff is difficult. Because we know this and are committed to providing you with maximum satisfaction, we can provide you with staff with excellent references, expert knowledge and many years of experience upon request. Since then, many hundreds of customers have placed their trust in System Straub. Numerous media reported positively on the Straub system, including Stern and FOCUS. Please feel free to contact us.

The tasks of your private chauffeur: Comprehensive driving service with the highest level of comfort

In order for you to feel comfortable while traveling, the requirements for a private chauffeur include much more than just driving a vehicle safely. The private chauffeur, board driver, management driver, chief driver or company car driver is of course primarily responsible for transporting passengers. This includes a responsible and efficient driving style, which, in addition to achieving goals as planned as possible, also allows the client to travel safely and in a relaxed manner. The boss sits in the rear and wants to work, relax or communicate here undisturbed and as comfortably as possible - and be able to trust that he will arrive at his destination on time at all times. Only in this combination of automotive flexibility and the most efficient use of time can there be added value for the passenger, which makes the use of a chauffeur or driver economical.

Before you start your journey, your private chauffeur will check that the vehicle is working properly. You will be greeted at the start of your journey, your chauffeur will stow your luggage and drive you to your destination. He keeps a logbook and takes care of the formalities for cross-border journeys. Small errands or errands such as cleaning are also part of the job. A private chauffeur is also responsible for the maintenance and care of the company car. He checks the oil level, tire pressure and maintains the car in the garage.

Detailed local knowledge is mandatory in the job of a chauffeur. Company car drivers must be able to determine the ideal route quickly despite traffic jams or traffic disruptions and give the passenger an arrival time in a timely manner. In addition, a relaxed but brisk driving style is one of the basic requirements. A private chauffeur should therefore be familiar with the relevant legal and traffic regulations - and be informed about the regulations there, especially when traveling on business abroad.


The chauffeur may also have training in personal protection. Then he should be able to perfectly master evasion, overtaking, braking maneuvers and self-defense and be able to guarantee you a safe journey even in extreme situations. Likewise, he must always be able to drive with utmost concentration and attention under all circumstances in traffic disruptions or the most unfavorable weather conditions.

Find a suitable private chauffeur

thanks to System Straub: Advantages

What are the advantages of hiring a private chauffeur? First of all, a private chauffeur or company car driver offers you the opportunity to use your time extremely efficiently. He is on call to set off immediately and get you safely to your destination.

There is probably no type of mobility that allows you to complete as many appointments and tasks within a short time frame as with a company car and chauffeur. While the driver is driving, the client in the back can prepare the next appointment, conduct business, make phone calls or control and monitor the progress of their activities via digital communication via notebook. If desired, your private chauffeur can also have security functions as a bodyguard.

Qualifications: What a private chauffeur should bring with him

A company car driver or private chauffeur should have a balanced driving style and be used to sitting behind the wheel a lot. Since he transports VIPs, you can expect an extremely well-groomed appearance, correct manners and good behavior. 

A good technical understanding is also required, as a chauffeur is also responsible for the care and technical maintenance of the company vehicle. The chauffeur is often also a contact person for the passengers and should therefore be able to have relaxed small talk during the journey. 

In addition to driving in a targeted manner, the chauffeur or company car driver should also be able to provide explanatory words about the destinations and their sights if desired. In this way, you can enjoy comprehensive and individual support during every journey.

In addition to a class B driving license, a driver's license for passenger transport is also required. 

Working hours are irregular because the duration of the journey cannot be predicted due to traffic disruptions. At evening events, patient waiting is often required. We are pleased to make you an offer to employ a chauffeur for your household. 

We don't just rely on staff who meet all professional requirements - so that both parties, both our clients and our employees, are satisfied with the cooperation in the long term, we also pay conscientious attention to the human component. 

Feel free to get in Contact with us. After an initial telephone conversation, we will take enough time to meet with you personally and get to know you and your needs in more detail. We will provide you with a private chauffeur who best suits your wishes and yourself.

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Frequently asked questions

The main tasks of a private chauffeur include, in addition to the safe and comfortable transport of passengers, the preparation and maintenance of the vehicle, efficient route planning and, if necessary, flexible adjustment of the same.

System Straub relies on a careful and discreet selection process with a focus on excellent references, expert knowledge and many years of experience of the chauffeurs. We also attach great importance to personal discussions and coordination in order to guarantee you the best (characteristic) match.

Our top priority is to meet all of your needs. If desired, we can, for example, provide a private chauffeur with additional qualifications in personal protection who, in addition to self-defense techniques, also has experience in evasive, overtaking and braking maneuvers. Our personal and individual selection process enables you to find exactly the right candidate for your individual situation.

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