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Housekeeper wanted? We provide you with a "pearl" for your household

In addition to a nanny, people are often looking for a housekeeper. Such a housekeeper will assist you in all aspects of household chores. From house cleaning and laundry care, to shopping and preparing meals, keeping in mind a healthy diet (if desired).

Your housekeeper relieves you in everyday life so that you can devote yourself to the beautiful sides of life. Inconspicuous and always careful to protect your privacy, the housekeeper manages the household budget on request, draws up menus, arranges and serves so that you can spend valuable free time with your family. Hire a housekeeper and let yourself be pampered.

If you are looking for a housekeeper, "System Straub" is certainly the right address for you.

As the leading recruitment agency in Germany for domestic staff, we will find you a suitable housekeeper for you. It is important how to look for a housekeeper. In doing so, we rely on seriousness, individuality and quality in all matters. After all, it is of no use to anyone to quickly search and find a housekeeper if she does not meet your requirements and does not stay long-term. In addition to professional qualifications, the most important thing for a housekeeper is human aptitude, because only if the chemistry between employer and housekeeper is right will there be a long-term employment relationship. Since we not only get to know the client personally, but also every housekeeper we place, we usually only have to suggest one or two candidates until the right housekeeper is found for you.

How may we help you?

For more than 25 years, System Straub has been the agency for advice, placement and management of domestic staff.

As the leading recruitment agency for domestic staff in Germany, we will be happy to find the right staff for you. Finding excellent staff is difficult. Because we know this and are committed to providing you with maximum satisfaction, we can provide you with staff with excellent references, expert knowledge and many years of experience upon request. Since then, many hundreds of customers have placed their trust in System Straub. Numerous media reported positively on the Straub system, including Stern and FOCUS. Please feel free to contact us.

More information about our domestic staff agency:

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