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A matron is usually in charge of your domestic staff. She keeps the team together, is your contact person and the one who keeps track of things. The lady of the house pays attention to every little detail in order to always ensure a perfect process for maximum living comfort.

The perfect matron organizes and represents her household and actively supports it where it is needed. System Straub will be happy to provide you with the perfect housekeeper for your high demands.

How may we help you?

For more than 25 years, System Straub has been the agency for advice, placement and management of domestic staff.

Als die führende Personalvermittlung für Hauspersonal in Deutschland vermitteln wir Ihnen gerne für Sie passendes Personal. Hervorragendes Personal zu finden ist schwer. Weil wir das wissen und uns verpflichten, Sie auf das Höchste zufrieden zu stellen, vermitteln wir Ihnen auf Wunsch Personal mit ausgezeichneten Referenzen, fachkundigem Wissen und langjähriger Erfahrung. Viele hundert Kunden schenkten System Straub seither ihr Vertrauen. Zahlreiche Medien berichteten positiv über System Straub, darunter auch der Stern und FOCUS. Sprechen Sie uns gerne an.

Matron - the "pearl" in the household

A matron ensures that everything in the rooms, rooms and corridors looks fresh, sparkling clean and neat. As a kind of head of department for a pleasant interior, the housekeeper is responsible for the clean and good condition of the guest rooms. Maids instruct the cleaning staff and can lend a hand themselves: putting on the bed linen, tidying up or cleaning the bathrooms and guest rooms. Of course, the housekeeper is also responsible for the cleanliness and freshness of blankets, bed linen and towels and also has to control and monitor the laundry and the quality of the ironing.

The "Perle" is also responsible for ensuring that shampoos, body lotions and soaps are available for guests in the bathroom. The maid checks whether there are presents in the room for newly arrived guests. That is why the matron always has an overview of the deployment of staff, the furnishing of the rooms, technical or other problems and know how to remedy them as quickly as possible and without inconveniencing the guests.

A maid is also responsible for beautifying the rooms with pictures, decorative elements and flowers. In cooperation with the client, the matron is also able to design special optical arrangements for congresses, promotions or events on site and to ensure the implementation.

With their specialist knowledge, the matron can also assess the quality of wallpaper, wall hangings, wallpaper, curtains or furniture and advise and support the client in the selection. The maid is one of the first points of contact for the guests – especially when it comes to special requests regarding room location, composition or equipment.

Of course, foreign language skills, polished manners and knowledge of human nature for dealing with guests are also part of housekeeping. With a housekeeper, the client gets a specialist who ensures that their guests have a successful stay. A real gem in the household.

What are the advantages of employing a matron?

A matron takes care of everything in the household that has to do with the cleanliness of rooms. They relieve their client of the work of taking care of the well-being of his relatives and guests. For example, a maid ensures that the beds are freshly made, that the rooms are perfectly prepared and therefore that the guests are well-being.

What skills should a maid have?

A maid can work independently, but is also a team player. One of their essential skills is to guide the cleaning staff or room service to carry out their tasks correctly. This also includes the creation of duty and vacation schedules. Pedagogical skills are also required of housekeepers when training employees. A talent for household organisation, a flair for business administration are also part of the responsible work of a "head of department for clean rooms and beautiful interior design". A housekeeper should also be able to satisfy the guests' requirements through good communication skills and great empathy when dealing with the guests. Since the housekeepers are also responsible for the decoration and furnishing, a sense of style and a sense of aesthetics are required.

In most cases, training in the hotel and catering trade or in housekeeping is expected as a prerequisite for entry into the position of housekeeper. Areas of application are hotels, restaurants or large private properties. The working hours are irregular. Working on Sundays and public holidays and working at weekends is normal for a "pearl". Shift work with night work is also part of the job of a housekeeper.

System Straub is pleased to make you an offer to employ a housekeeper for your household. Feel free to contact us.

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