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Caretakers & Janitors

You need a caretaker to guarantee a constant value retention of your property. The caretaker takes over the control and organization of the entire building services. Organizes, supervises and instructs craftsmen. He takes care of vehicles and often does the rough gardening.

A caretaker feels responsible for maintaining your property and is your contact for all technical questions. System Straub will be happy to put you in touch with the caretaker your property needs.

How may we help you?

For more than 25 years, System Straub has been the agency for advice, placement and management of domestic staff.

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Caretaker's duties

Caretakers take care of all the building services - whether it's clogged drains, broken lamps, or leaky windows. Caretakers read meters, check entrances and exits in the warehouse. Caretakers can also do other crafts? such as installing washbasins or cleaning clogged heating valves. They prepare larger events by setting up chairs according to plans or by making sure that the audio technology and projectors are ready for use.

Caretakers maintain the green areas, trim hedges, mow lawns and repair damaged outdoor furniture. Furthermore, caretakers are also responsible for the environmentally friendly disposal of waste and the separation of recyclable materials.

In winter they are responsible for clearing snow and spreading salt or sand on black ice. Janitors are also employed to do painting, painting or laying work such as laminate or carpet in the house or company. They have to do it themselves or instruct other craftsmen.

Caretakers are responsible for the air conditioning, programming the heating, but also for locking services and the alarm systems. They also do messenger work, such as bringing laundry to the laundry or packages and letters to the post office. Smaller courier services are also possible.

What are the advantages of employing a caretaker?

A caretaker is always a quickly accessible, personal contact for your household, your property, your tenants or for the employees of your company. Since caretakers are mostly trained craftsmen, problems in your property can usually be quickly analyzed and possibly also corrected by them.

Thanks to quick personal contact with a caretaker, your tenants or employees feel promptly served and in good hands. There is no feeling of being left alone by the landlord or your company with technical or other problems that have a significant impact on the living and working environment. And for you as the owner, a caretaker makes life easier because, as a specialist in building services, he can take care of everything for you.

What must a caretaker be able to do?

Caretaker is not a profession that is defined by training regulations. But many employers require technical or manual training, since the successful completion of repair work also determines the cost-effectiveness of employing a caretaker. Vocational training in the field of plumbing, air conditioning or metal is often required.

The locations are usually in several objects, night and Sunday service is also part of the job. A caretaker must be willing to familiarize himself with the peculiarities of the respective building and to memorize the overview of the premises and their function and content. Since the caretaker is often one of the few who have an overall view of a property, he must also expect to be on call. Since he is constantly in contact with customers, good manners and a correct demeanor are a matter of course.

Janitors work for restaurants, residential and nursing homes, companies, administrations, schools and for property owners and private households. They ensure that the property is maintained and cared for and that any defects or damage that occur are quickly repaired.

Through the permanent maintenance and care of your property, the caretaker ensures that any problems that arise are eliminated as quickly as possible, so that expensive consequential damage does not occur. The use of a caretaker is therefore always economical because he relieves you as a property owner or company boss of responsibility and through his professional competence ensures that the value of your property is maintained through optimal care and your employees or tenants or you yourself through the fastest elimination of defects have higher satisfaction.

System Straub is pleased to be able to make you an offer to employ a caretaker for your household. Feel free to contact us.

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