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Nanny for your private household

Loving care in your own four walls

Nannies and nannies can provide you with optimal support in raising and caring for your children and give you the freedom you need for your professional and private life. Of course, in addition to professional competence and excellent references, empathy and mutual sympathy are in the foreground.


Your nanny should be guided by your wishes and ideas, fit into your family and provide your children with optimal security, well-being and joy.

System Straub is at your side to find suitable nannies and nannies with many years of experience and a lot of empathy.

How may we help you?

For more than 25 years, System Straub has been the agency for advice, placement and management of domestic staff.

As the leading recruitment agency for domestic staff in Germany, we will be happy to find the right staff for you. Finding excellent staff is difficult. Because we know this and are committed to providing you with maximum satisfaction, we can provide you with staff with excellent references, expert knowledge and many years of experience upon request. Since then, many hundreds of customers have placed their trust in System Straub. Numerous media reported positively on the Straub system, including Stern and FOCUS. Please feel free to contact us.

Nanny or nanny for private households – not only in Hamburg and Berlin, but also nationwide

Have you ever thought about hiring a nanny or nanny to help with your private household? A nanny or nanny is one of the most frequently requested domestic staff services, and not just in Hamburg. If you also want more flexibility in your professional and private life, without your children having to forego security, warmth and an excellent upbringing, a nanny can support you. For Hamburg and the surrounding area, System Straub would be happy to find you a nanny or nanny who will lovingly look after your children in your home and provide them with age-appropriate support. This way you can be relaxed and happy with your children and spend quality time with them while your nanny makes sure they don't miss anything.

You share some of the responsibility for your private household with the nanny, but the nanny we provide in Hamburg will primarily focus on your wishes and only provide additional education. A loving and experienced nanny is more likely to offer you the opportunity to make up for the lack of time and to support you with enthusiasm. Hire us to find the perfect nanny for you and your family. In addition to Hamburg, we also provide domestic staff from our offices in Berlin, Bremen, Kiel, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. We would be happy to help you find a suitable nanny nationwide, far beyond Hamburg.

Would you like to start working at System Straub as a nanny or nanny for private households?

Are you a trained educator or an experienced nanny and passionate about your profession? Would you like to support families in a fulfilling and smooth everyday life? Then you have come to the right place. On the following pages we have put together a small selection of job offers as nanny or nanny for private households for Hamburg and the surrounding area. Since we fill most positions from our database and therefore do not always publish job offers, please send us your application documents by email or use our online form for initial contact. If you are interested in a position as a nanny in Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart or nationwide, we would definitely like to get to know you. After sending your complete application documents, we will invite you to a personal interview and will be happy to add you to our database for a position as a nanny or nanny. We look forward to receiving your application and hope to welcome you as part of our team soon.

More information about our domestic staff agency:

Frequently asked questions

System Straub provides loving and experienced nannies who will respond to your needs. The selected carers not only take on the upbringing, but also encourage your children creatively and ensure that they always feel comfortable in the nanny's company.

As a leading agency with 25 years of experience, System Straub provides experienced nannies for private households. We enjoy the trust of hundreds of customers nationwide and have already been positively mentioned in media such as Stern and FOCUS. Please feel free to contact us.

You can easily reach us by phone or using our contact form. We are looking forward to your message! If you would like to apply to us as a nanny or nanny, please send us your application documents via and we invite you to a personal interview.

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