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Nurses and Carers

Caregivers take care of people in need of care, either by the hour or around the clock, as required. You have a medical and nursing education. With their well-balanced, likeable personality, nurses are the ray of hope in everyday life that is restricted by illness or old age.

In nurses you will find someone you trust who you can rely on, who will take care of you and make you feel safe. System Straub will be happy to put you in touch with competent, caring carers.

How may we help you?

For more than 25 years, System Straub has been the agency for advice, placement and management of domestic staff.

Als die führende Personalvermittlung für Hauspersonal in Deutschland vermitteln wir Ihnen gerne für Sie passendes Personal. Hervorragendes Personal zu finden ist schwer. Weil wir das wissen und uns verpflichten, Sie auf das Höchste zufrieden zu stellen, vermitteln wir Ihnen auf Wunsch Personal mit ausgezeichneten Referenzen, fachkundigem Wissen und langjähriger Erfahrung. Viele hundert Kunden schenkten System Straub seither ihr Vertrauen. Zahlreiche Medien berichteten positiv über System Straub, darunter auch der Stern und FOCUS. Sprechen Sie uns gerne an.

Caregiver duties

Caregivers look after old and sick people, the disabled, seriously ill or accident victims in their familiar surroundings. The nurse ensures professional personal hygiene and monitors physical and mental well-being. It monitors the patient's state of health, carries out medical measurements and transmits these to the attending physician in the event of any abnormalities. The nurse administers injections, infusions or bandages and checks that the prescribed medicines are being taken correctly.

Of course, the care of a nurse also means a change for the patient, since he has another social contact from which he gets new ideas for conversation. The nurse ensures that the relative in need of care is properly washed and cleaned, and that sore spots are anointed, powdered or treated with poultices. Nurses transfer the patients to wheelchairs or walking aids, thus ensuring increased mobility.

With empathy, the nurse takes care of the mental state of her clients, especially during a longer period of care, so that the relatives can be sure of good all-round care. Of course, the nurse can also advise the client when it comes to applying for the assumption of care costs by the health insurance company.

A good nurse relieves the relatives in several areas: Because she takes over the time-consuming work such as washing and moving, the physical strain on the customer is reduced. Since the patient also has contacts outside of his family, the possible topics of conversation are expanded and thus facilitate a relaxed relationship within the household with the patient in need of care. The possibility of temporary care also gives relatives the chance to take a break from the sometimes stressful situation with a relative who needs care.

What are the advantages of employing a nurse?

A nurse takes care of sick or disabled relatives in a professional and medically competent manner. Caregivers relieve the client of heavy physical exertion, but also of time-consuming activities such as washing, dressing or eating. They help the person in need of care with walking, with movement sequences and are often another social contact. Due to the qualified training of the nurse, the client has the certainty that the medical applications have been carried out correctly, the medication has been administered in the right doses and the measurements of e.g. B. Blood sugar can be carried out accurately and documented properly. In close coordination with the attending physicians, the best possible care for the relative is guaranteed at all times and abnormalities are professionally diagnosed and rectified as quickly as possible. The occasional use of a carer also allows relatives to take a vacation from the sometimes considerable social burden of the daily demands of the person in need of care without a guilty conscience.

What skills should a nurse have?

The work of a nurse is strenuous: the patients often have to be lifted, supported, moved and washed. Daily care may require shift work, night work and holiday work. The nurse likes dealing with people and also has the inner strength to care for seriously ill or dying patients. In addition to qualified nursing training, a driver's license and a health certificate in accordance with the Infection Protection Act are basic requirements. An interest in medical contexts and responsibility for those in need of care are a matter of course.

Anyone who is a high performer has also become so through a high sense of responsibility. This responsibility also includes thinking about employing a carer for relatives who are in need of care, are seriously ill, injured or have a handicap.

System Straub is pleased to make you an offer for the employment of a nurse. Feel free to contact us.

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