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Nurses and Carers

Loving support in old age or in illness

Whether due to age or illness, it is often difficult for those affected to accept that they can no longer fully cope with everyday life on their own. An empathetic nurse is therefore much more than just medical staff; they also act as mental support. Carers provide care and support for people in need of care, on an hourly basis or around the clock, depending on their needs. You have medical and nursing training.

 With a balanced, likeable nature, carers are the ray of hope in everyday life that is restricted by illness or age.

In a carer you will find someone you can trust, someone you can rely on - who will look after you and make you feel safe. System Straub will be happy to provide you with professionally competent, loving carers specifically tailored to your needs.

How may we help you?

For more than 25 years, System Straub has been the agency for advice, placement and management of domestic staff.

As the leading recruitment agency for domestic staff in Germany, we will be happy to find the right staff for you. Finding excellent staff is difficult. Because we know this and are committed to providing you with maximum satisfaction, we can provide you with staff with excellent references, expert knowledge and many years of experience upon request. Since then, many hundreds of customers have placed their trust in System Straub. Numerous media reported positively on the Straub system, including Stern and FOCUS. Please feel free to contact us.

Caregiver duties

There is hardly a more personal service than home care, which is why particular attention must be paid to cordiality, empathy and warmth. Carers look after old and sick people, the disabled, the seriously ill or accident victims in their familiar surroundings. The carer ensures professional personal care and checks on physical well-being, but is of course also a confidant who also takes care of mental concerns. The patient's health status is monitored, medical measurements are carried out and these are reported to the treating doctor if there are any abnormalities. The nurses administer injections, infusions or apply bandages and check that the prescribed medication is taken correctly.

Of course, being cared for by a nurse also means a change for the patient, as they have another social contact from whom they can get new ideas for conversation. The famous “common wavelength” can hardly be ignored. The nursing staff ensures that the relative in need of care is washed and cleaned correctly, sore spots are anointed, powdered or given compresses. Nurses place patients in wheelchairs or walking aids, thereby ensuring increased mobility.

With empathy, the carer also takes care of the mental state of the person in need of care, especially over a longer period of care, so that the relatives are relieved in this respect and can be sure of warm and humane all-round care. Of course, our nursing staff can also advise you when it comes to applying for health insurance to cover the costs of care.

Good carers relieve relatives in several areas: Because they take on the time-consuming work such as washing and changing beds, the physical strain on the client is reduced. Since the patient also has contacts outside of their relatives, the possible topics of conversation expand and thus facilitate a relaxed relationship within the household with the patient in need of care. The possibility of temporary care also gives relatives the chance to take a break from the sometimes stressful situation with a relative in need of care. Whatever situation you find yourself in, System Straub will provide you with friendly and loving nursing staff, with whom you or your relatives will always be in the best of hands.

What advantages carers bring

A carer looks after sick or disabled relatives professionally and medically competently and always respects their individual history. Carers relieve the client of heavy physical exertion, but also of time-consuming tasks such as washing, dressing or feeding. They help those in need of care walk, relearn movement sequences and other concerns and are often another trusting social contact. Thanks to the qualified training of the nurses, the client has the certainty that the medical applications are carried out correctly, the medication is administered in the correct doses and the measurements of e.g. B. Blood sugar can be carried out accurately and documented clearly. In close coordination with the treating doctors, the optimal care of the relative is guaranteed at all times and any abnormalities are professionally diagnosed and resolved as quickly as possible.

Qualifications for a Caregiver

Die Tätigkeit einer Pflegekraft ist anstrengend: Die Patienten müssen oft hochgehoben, gestützt, umgebettet und gewaschen werden. Die tägliche Betreuung erfordert unter Umständen Schicht-, Nacht- und Feiertagsarbeit. Deshalb ist eine ausgeglichene, freundliche Persönlichkeit unverzichtbar, damit sich die zu pflegende Person zu jeder Zeit wohlfühlen kann. Der Pfleger mag den Umgang mit Menschen und hat auch die innere Stärke, schwerkranke oder sterbende Patienten zu betreuen. Neben einer qualifizierten Pflegeausbildung ist ein Führerschein Grundvoraussetzung und ein Gesundheitszeugnis nach dem Infektionsschutzgesetz. Ein Interesse an medizinischen Zusammenhängen und Verantwortung für die Pflegebedürftigen sind selbstverständlich.

Wer Leistungsträger ist, wurde dies auch durch eine hohe gefühlte Form der Verantwortung. Zu dieser Verantwortung gehört es auch, bei pflegebedürftigen, schwerkranken, verletzten oder gehandicapten Angehörigen über den Einsatz einer Pflegekraft nachzudenken.


System Straub freut sich, Ihnen ein Angebot für die Beschäftigung von liebevollem und nach höchsten Standards ausgebildetem Pflegepersonal machen zu dürfen. Nehmen Sie gern Kontakt mit uns auf.

More information about our domestic staff agency:

Qualifications for a Caregiver

Pfleger/-innen von System Straub verfügen über eine medizinisch-pflegerische Ausbildung und sind der Lichtblick für durch Krankheit oder Alter eingeschränkte Personen. Sie sind Vertrauenspersonen, die sich liebevoll und fachlich kompetent um pflegebedürftige Menschen kümmern. System Straub vermittelt Personal mit ausgezeichneten Referenzen, fachkundigem Wissen und langjähriger Erfahrung, um höchste Zufriedenheit sicherzustellen.

Pfleger betreuen kranke, alte oder behinderte Menschen in ihrer gewohnten Umgebung. Die Pflegerin sorgt für Körperpflege, überwacht den Gesundheitszustand, verabreicht Medikamente, und fördert soziale Kontakte. Eine gute Pflegerin entlastet Angehörige in vielen Bereichen, bietet Abwechslung, und ermöglicht gelegentlich eine Auszeit für diese. Die Pflegerin ist auch Ansprechpartner für die Beantragung von Pflegekostenübernahmen durch die Krankenkasse.

Pfleger/-innen kümmern sich fachgerecht und medizinisch kompetent um kranke oder behinderte Angehörige. Sie entlasten von körperlicher Anstrengung, unterstützen bei alltäglichen Tätigkeiten und bieten zusätzlichen sozialen Kontakt. Mit qualifizierter Ausbildung gewährleisten sie optimale Pflege, Zusammenarbeit mit Ärzten und schnelle Diagnose und Behebung von Auffälligkeiten. Der zeitweise Einsatz erlaubt Angehörigen eine Entlastung und Urlaub von der sozialen Belastung durch die Pflegebedürftigen.

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